3 of the top Swiss watch brands

3 of the top Swiss watch brands 1

The term “Swiss Made” is not only an additional label to prove the authenticity of the product, but above all it is the seal of approval and quality marks recognized throughout the world. At present, more than half of luxury watches come from Switzerland, although of course there are many from other countries such as … Read more

Top 3 External Hard Drives

Top 3 External Hard Drives 2

Anyone who uses a computer regularly should consider getting a hard drive. It helps you keep sensitive files in a place where only you can access and enables you to save on space on your computer. There are several important factors you should look out for when you are shopping for a hard drive. The … Read more

Top Android apps for Halloween ideas: Make more than pumpkin patches

Top Android apps for Halloween ideas: Make more than pumpkin patches 7

This year’s Halloween falls today, October 31st and we all are waiting for the children’s trick-or-treating for this year. Time changes with the time zones, so the Halloween is only hitting in many countries and many have passed the Halloween celebrations. However, you might be looking for some Halloween ideas to test out this year. The … Read more

Top 5 smartphones with Snapdragon 835 processor you can buy in India

Top 5 Smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in India

Smartphones these days come with the computational power comparable to a powerful computer. The chipset manufacturers and smartphone brands diligently work together to bring more powerful chipsets to the smartphones. The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is one among the popular. It is the second-most-powerful SoCs (System-on-Chipsets) available today on smartphones, after SD845. As the Snapdragon Chipsets combines CPU cores, … Read more

Top 5 custom ROMs for Moto G4 and G4 Plus

Top 5 custom ROMs for Moto G4 and G4 Plus 9

Android users mostly try to customize their smartphone more often than other platform smartphone users like Windows and iOS. Most of the Android smartphones give direct access to bootloader unlocking with the prior permission from the OEM (IOriginal Equipment Manufacturer). It gives the users access to root, customize and even change the ROM to a … Read more

5 Best Calendar Apps For Android devices in 2017

top 5 calendar apps for android

The calendar is one of those free add-ons where my eyeballs are put by daily. Since the cell phone was developed, since then, Calendar has been the most useful tool for phone users. It lets you be productive and punctual as well, isn’t it? Many folks have even moved forward to other apps of mobile, … Read more

Top 5 Maps and Navigation Apps for Android

Top 5 Maps and Navigation Apps for Android 15

Choosing the best Map and Navigation app is one of the most tasks according to a typical traveler or driver having an Android phone. The Android smartphones launching nowadays are pre-installed with Google Maps by default. But many of us don’t like the way it interacts or just getting bored with its functions.So we have … Read more

Best photo editing apps for Android devices

best photo editing apps for android

In this era of smartphones, people buy a mobile phone for so many needs. According to the surveys, people are using their smartphones often for photography. They love to capture new things with their smartphones, it includes their own selfies too. But we need best editing apps for making good pics. So let’s talk about … Read more