Top 3 External Hard Drives

Anyone who uses a computer regularly should consider getting a hard drive. It helps you keep sensitive files in a place where only you can access and enables you to save on space on your computer. There are several important factors you should look out for when you are shopping for a hard drive. The type of hard drive should be at the top of your list. There are two types: hard-disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD). HDDs are cheaper and slower than SSDs, and they have a physical metallic disk in them that stores all the information.

Top 3 External Hard Drives 6It is generally tricky carrying around HDDs because of the fragile moving parts inside them. SSDs, on the other hand, have no moving parts inside them, they are easy to carry around, and are very fast if you are using an equally fast computer. Other factors to consider when buying external drives are storage space, price, size, and warranty. The last factor is especially crucial because they are delicate; they could be easily damaged during shipping. Several companies have come up with excellent external hard drives in recent years. Here is a list of the best:

  1. Western Digital My Passport 4 Terabytes (TB)

This drive comes in sizes from 1TB to 4TB. The manufacturing company recognizes the need for security of your data which is why it comes with a 256-bit AES encryption that keeps your data safe. You can also password-protect your device. Backup of data is also possible. You can back up your photos, documents on a drive known as My Passport Ultra. You can also sync your device to cloud storage if that is your preferred method of backing up data. At 4.33 inches long and 3.21 inches wide, this drive has high portability as it could be easily fit on your hand or pocket.

  1. Samsung T5 SSDTop 3 External Hard Drives 7

Speed and performance is without a doubt the best feature of this drive. You can transfer small and large files from your computer to the T5 in a matter of seconds. It also makes use of the 256-bit AES hardware encryption system to protect the contents of the drive. You cannot access the files stored unless you enter the correct password. It has a metallic cover that keeps the device from being damaged if it ever accidentally falls.

  1. AdataSD700 External SSD

The Adata SD700 aims to compete with HDDs by providing quality external drives that have just enough space. This is why the lowest has space of 256GB while the highest has 1TB storage space. An important factor is that it has an IP68 rating meaning that it can withstand dust, dirt, sand, and is resistant to submersion in water of a maximum depth of 1.5m. It also has a non-removable rubber casing that protects the drive from damage. Needless to say, the performance of the Adata SD700 is superb.


In conclusion, getting an external drive in 2019 is all about finding the right fit for you.  Corporates should go for large storage devices that have encryption and data backup. Individuals can choose relatively secure drives that fit their needs perfectly.

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