3 of the top Swiss watch brands

The term “Swiss Made” is not only an additional label to prove the authenticity of the product, but above all it is the seal of approval and quality marks recognized throughout the world. At present, more than half of luxury watches come from Switzerland, although of course there are many from other countries such as panerai watch from Italy. In terms of knowledge, sometimes there are only a few differences that distinguish this group of watch manufacturers from others. This is why most people usually do not make the decision to buy a watch brand from another with exclusive objective criteria, the act of buying is often the result of more subjective factors such as the brand attached to certain Swiss watch manufacturers.

More subjective is a list of 3 brands of Swiss Top watches that we will present to you. Come with us for a short trip to the mechanical watchmaking center. This journey will not only take us to the metropolitan city of Geneva Watch, the birthplace of two of the most famous and well-known brands, it will also take us to less populated Swiss valleys, where the number of watchmakers is almost identical to the population.


Our journey began at Schaffhausen, just a few kilometers from the German border, where the International Watch Company was founded in 1868. Since then, it has become a symbol of Swiss watches produced using the most complicated techniques. In 1993, the IWC built one of the most complex watches in the history of watch making: Destiero Scafusia. In the 1950s, IWC was one of the few manufacturers to produce watches with boxes that were more than 4 centimeters long and pocket watch caliber that was very accurate and reliable. Even today, IWC is imbued with current trends without having to adjust certain points. Regarding the current collection, it should be noted that the range of IWC watches is more consistent than ever. There are elegant chronometers like Portugieser and Portofino, diving watches like Aquatimer, and of course “pilot” style watches that must have been associated with the IWC since the 1930s.

Breitling (Granges)

We continued our journey in Canton of Solothurn. Only to find you: we are still in the north of the country, but more west, about 80 km from Basel. We reached the small town of Grenchen, which is located at the foot of the Jura mountains: the ridge in the northwest of the Swiss Alps along the Swiss-French border and the birthplace of all Swiss watch manufacturers. Breitling represents a high-class pilot chronograph with many additional features which, like Navitimer, are activated via a rotating bezel. These Swiss brand fans can appreciate the variety of details on fast and intrinsic sports and the luxurious properties of their watches. The story of Breitling began when Léon Breitling founded the company in 1884. Despite the temporary closure and takeover of property rights by Sicura, Breitling now operates as an independent company.

Whether quartz, manual or automatic, all of these brand watches are COSC certified and are officially designated as Chronometers. Breitling symbolizes the superiority of multifunctional precision instruments manufactured to the highest standards. The legendary Navitimer not only can calculate time with the highest accuracy, but also can do some mathematical operations. Emergency emergency-equipped transmitters have also saved more than a dozen lives.


No list that describes the best Swiss watch brands can be complete without mentioning the Rolex brand, so it’s not surprising that our next stop is near Lake Geneva. More precisely, in the heart of a quiet suburb of the big business city and Geneva watches. Rolex is not really necessary, but we want to add a short comment for completeness. The strength of Rolex lies in the value of its recognition and in the history of the brand itself. Not only are there many inventions, but sharp marketing and intelligent public relations play a big role in the recipe for brand success. Finally, for brands, watches can only be of good quality if designed properly. Rolex does not focus on the production of very complex motion mechanisms, the main focus of which is to create sports parts and watches that are precise, robust and easy to maintain. Rolex prioritizes reliability and quality and remains unrivaled to this day.

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