Why do the governments of the world want to ban Bitcoin?

Why do the governments of the world want to ban Bitcoin? 1

Cryptocurrency from its birth has been a highly debatable and sensationalized topic. Bitcoin advocates claim innovation, empowerment, and more open markets. Then why do the government and citizens play a tug of war over a coin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency introduced in 2008 by an anonymous group of people. It is a digital currency decentralized … Read more

Bluetooth Speakers; Myths vs Facts!

Bluetooth Speakers; Myths vs Facts! 2

There are many different ways to connect devices together, but Bluetooth is one of the oldest and is the most common way to get the job done. Bluetooth has been around for some time now and only continues to get better with age.  One of the most common modern uses for Bluetooth is Bluetooth speakers. … Read more

How Hotel Brands Are Using Instagram to influence and engage travellers

How to Install Instagram Lite App on any Android smartphone from any country

In order to build a lasting brand and get your message across to your customers, marketing resources should be used strategically, and therefore each part should be coordinated too as well so that a good content network could be created. This network includes components like syndication, press releases, blogging, publishing, social and video media as … Read more

Six of the Best Google Apps of 2019

Six of the Best Google Apps of 2019 6

Google apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a device that translates foreign languages, amplifies sounds, allows you to play online games, live stream events, work more effectively as a team and more. Some of the best Google apps of 2019 include: Live Transcribe Live Transcribe is Google’s new accessibility service that facilitates communication … Read more

Top 3 Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones to Buy in UK

Top 3 Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones to Buy in UK 11

Samsung with a never-ending smartphone battle has locked. It is little argue by almost all the mobile phone brands including Apple that Samsung is all time winner. Samsung mobile phones are accepted throughout the world. UK is also known as the tech villa and innovative technologies like through technology lover users in UK. Recently, Samsung … Read more

Mobile phone security measures you haven’t considered yet

Mobile phone security measures you haven't considered yet 15

Everyone is exposed to hacking including a phone user. Reports show that 67% of companies have experienced cyber-attacks as a result of the employees using their mobile phones to extract their company’s data. Google has also reported that more than 1.3 million of its accounts have been breached through android apps that are illegitimate. Furthermore, … Read more

Google to shut down Inbox by Gmail

Google to shut down Inbox by Gmail 16

Google has finally made the official announcement. They are now preparing to shut down their popular email client service Inbox by Gmail. The company launched this service 4 years ago as a modern alternative to the classic Gmail app and web versions. The Inbox service arrived at the market with exclusive features and materialized a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Top 9 pros and cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top 9 Pros and Cons AndroidHits

Samsung announced the latest flagship phablet in company’s Note-series, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a day ago. The device has become one among the most powerful smartphones available today, which can be considered among the top five devices along with Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6, etc. Most of the Galaxy Note buyers are the users of previous … Read more

Weekly Roundup: Week 29 in review, Galaxy Note 9 leak, Vivo NEX and more

Weekly Roundup AndroidHits Week 29+

Welcome to the weekend! The 29th week of 2018 is about to over. Pas week has been a great one fo Indian smartphone market with the Vivo’s latest, most-innovative smartphone Vivo NEX. Most of the Chinese companies recently seem to target the Indian smartphone market rather than Europe and the USA. Moreover, there were several groundbreaking … Read more