App review: Sqrrl app is best platform for saving and Investment easily


Sqrrl is a Best Mutual funds app designed to help you grow into the habit of saving and attain the ultimate goal of financial fitness. The app has come up with various and pretty differentiated products to make that happen. And promises a seamless and never-experienced before way of doing both saving and investment.

Product Offerings:
Sqrrl has a host of different product offerings, customized for different sets of users, to meet their goals. Here we’ll have a look at a few of them.

Sqrrl Away

Sqrrl Away is a feature which gives users the scope of putting away small amounts of money into a virtual savings nest. The biggest benefit with Sqrrl Away is that in comparison to a typical savings account which gives you a menial return of 3.5%, Sqrrl Away will generate approx. 6-7%, by investing in only those mutual funds that have performed better. Another thing to cheer about is that you can start with as low as Rs 100 and can set up weekly payments and even top up your savings. Finally, with Sqrrl Away you can withdraw your money 24/7 – 500 – 50,000 instantly or 100% of the amount on the next business day morning. It doesn’t have a lock-in period either.

Search & Invest

Search and Invest is specifically for the more educated users, who have good knowledge of investing and markets, in general. It comes with an option to invest in over 2100 mutual funds and schemes, and is an ideal feature for anyone wanting to invest in the funds, only of their choice. Almost every information that an investor might require before zeroing in upon a particular fund, such as the fund rating, risk, fund manager, 1-3-5 year returns, fund type, investment plan, and a lot more, has been made available on the app, through this feature.

Axe Tax

If saving income tax is on your mind, then Axe Tax is for you. Almost everyone knows that the government allows you 1,50,000 of tax rebate and Axe Tax can help you in realising this entire amount, or in simple words, claiming the full rebate. Axe Tax will guide you to the total amount you need to invest to claim the full Income tax benefits. As a employee if you want to check your salary slip then you will get to know all the details.

And it’s not just these. The company also offers a lot of other investment options in gold fundsSIP, lump sum, etc.

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How to get started?

With a very streamlined approach to investing and an easy to use interface, Sqrrl has made it possible to keep financial planning extremely simple. This is how the step-by-step procedure looks like.

  • Download Sqrrl app from Google Play Store/iOS store. After installation, open the app and you’ll have the welcome screen in front of you. 
  • Sqrrl was the very 1st Mutual Funds app, to have the vernacular capability, in India, and it currently supports 9 languages (English + 8). In the second step, you’ll be presented with these nine languages and you’ll be required to select your preferred language before proceeding ahead.
  • Click on get started (you can also explore what all the app is capable of) and enter your phone number to sign up.
  • Next, enter the OTP you’d have received and once you feed that in, you’ll be redirected to your profile building screen.
  • As a next step, you’ll be required to enter your name and email id (and a referral code, if you have one). Then, you’ll be taken to your bank verification screen.
  • The app will next ask you to set up your account through 2 very quick but important steps – PAN & KYC verification and Bank & Additional Information. Other options will also be visible here for you to begin your investment journey, along with in-depth information on what the respective options are.
  • Your PAN details will be required in the next screen. And then, confirm your details. This will make you a KYC-Certified user.
  • The final screen will ask you to enter your bank details wherein you’ll be asked to enter the account holder’s name, account number, confirm your account number and IFSC Code. Once done, verify your details in the next screen and hit proceed.
  • Congratulations! You’re all set to carry out your first transaction, once you complete the other formalities to get you started.
  • The firm is regulated by SEBI and comes under the purview of AMFI with 128-bit encryption and bank grade security. Backed by a highly credible team of experts, with a collective experience of over 60 years in the mutual fund’s industry, Sqrrl is one app you should look at, for all your investing needs.


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