Xperia Z5, Z3 Plus, Z4 Tab stabilized some performance issues with an App Update

Sony’s last release of software updates made the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z3 Plus, and Xperia Z4 tablet devices a bit buggish. Some major bugs such as unusual heating issue, performance sluggishnesss, unexpected reboots, app crashes etc. made the phone unusable. Sony received acknowledgement of these serious issues and already made a better way to issue the fix.

This commitment assures that Sony is focusing on better user satisfaction and product quality, as well. Sony users can expect this type of sudden fixes, that will be made all-through in the future for all devices. Sony also conveys that they are ready to hear concerns for each and every problems that causes by their devices to their customers. See what Sony officially said:

Sony Mobile is committed to providing the highest standard of product quality and customer service for all of our products. A software update (version 4.7.B.1.3) has been released for the Movie Creator application, available in Google Play, which fixes a performance issue affecting some Xperia customers.

Customers are recommended to update the application and restart their device. As always, customers who have any concerns regarding the performance of their Xperia device may contact their local customer service.


It is better to update the problem caused devices as soon as possible as the bugs are very annoying. Also is very simple to head to Play Store and get updates for the Movie Creator App. Let us know who else is experiencing such kind of problems.

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