Skype integrates P2P PayPal payment system in new update

MIcrosoft’sSKype app for Android has been updated with the new feature which allows the users to send money over the app, without even leaving the chat screen. The new payment system is based on PayPal, one of the very best online money transfer services. The payment via SKype app will be secured with the P2P connection.

For sending money over Skype, the users must need to link their SKype and PayPal accounts together. The new feature will be useful for many people, as most professionals today use Skype for business related chats. So, sending money to the clients also becoming so easier with the skype. The same feature is also available in Microsoft’s Slack app, built for correlation with Employers and Employees. Sending and money over skype will be directly from and to the linked PayPal account, and the only difference is you are not on the PayPal app/website.

The US based, Elon Musk owned firm PayPal has already announced their upcoming tie-ups with several companies like Apple, Visa, etc. for integrating their system as a default payment system. The new integration will definitely take the SKype on Android to the next level, as the current one is already ina charming look design including stories feature and other extra chat options.

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