LG to rebrand the G-series: Here’s what we think

LG to rebrand the G-series: Here's what we think 1

Korean electronics manufacturing brand LG is well-known for launching quality made smartphones in the international market, especially flagship devices. As even they are competing with the tech giants like Apple and Samsung, the company manages to deliver grand products at adequate price ranges. Among their flagship series, the LG G-series was the most popular and … Read more

LG G5 gets a price cut in US

LG G5 gets a price cut in US 2

LG’s previous flagship smartphone LG G5 gets a price cut in US Market. The smart[phone was over $300 in the US. Now, the unlocked version of the LG G5 is listed at only $269.99 on eBay. The offer is currently live only on eBay.com and other retailers and sellers are still selling the device at … Read more

LG to release Android Nougat 7.0 update for LG G5 in November

LG to release Android Nougat 7.0 update for LG G5 in November 3

We know all of you are waiting for the release date of Android Nougat 7.0 update on your Android smartphones. Now a recent news popped out in web world claims that Android Nougat for LG G5 could be coming in November. But this is not a new information. We have already heard a lot about … Read more

Want Change in Your G5? Get LG Home 4.0 For Better Experience

LG Home 4.0

The LG G5’s default user interface is not that good and it doesn’t have any proper “App Drawer”. There is option to get the App Drawer back with app “EasyHome” but it has a very huge font Which is not appreciated by users under 65. There are many launchers available in the Google Play Store for a Perfect Replacement. … Read more

AT&T Begins Shipping the LG G5 pre-orders Today

LG G5 pre-orders Today

As we reported before that the pre-orders of LG G5 had started on AT&T. AT&T are Shipping the LG G5 pre-orders Today. If you have pre-ordered LG G5 on AT&T, You should receive your notification for the pre-order soon. Of Course, The LG G5 won’t go on sale officially until April 1st. You should have received notification … Read more

T-Mobile Offering Free LG 360 Cam for G5 Bought before 5th April


Free LG 360 Cam from T-Mobile T-Mobile has announced that they are starting pre-orders of LG G5 on March 29th. 2 Days before the official release which is on 1st April. T-Mobile has given a Offer that the buyers who bought the LG G5 before “April 5th” will get a FREE LG 360 Cam. This is … Read more