LG posted a video of the G5 running UX5.0

Nowadays it’s common that every big OEMs added their flavors to Google’s Stock Android, for example Samsung add TouchWiz to Google’s Android, HTC add their feature packed Sense UI, Xiaomi add their iOS-ish MiUi but LG simply called it UX. And the version 5.0 of the LG’s UX already released alongside with LG G5, the company’s forthcoming flagship device.

LG G5 is nowhere similar to its predecessor its completely different and a part of Project ARA. Means its  modular phone packed with many modular Including the Camera Plus, which helps you for a better camera experience. They also have B&O speaker module which gives you a front speaker with better sound.



With LG UX5.0 LG introduce LG Friends, which is a hub of all modules of the LG G5. By LG Friends Manager, all stuffs from LG Friend device will be seamlessly syncing. in the device clip LG also shown improvement on Photo capturing which including some filters and some new tweaks. LG also take a refinement of its lock screen to make the App Dock optional and in this video LG showed some more additional functionality including LG Health, Smart Doctor, World Clock and LG Backup.

Of course LG playing a gamble with its LG G5, but if it success it’ll be a horse of long race. LG trying die hard to get support from third party developers for its LG G5  module and friends, recently  they held developer conferences in the US and their native Korea  in efforts to draft in potential third-party Friends devs.

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