SwiftKey brings new Swiftmoji keyboard with amazing emoji prediction

As you already know, SwiftKey is one of the best and feature packed Keyboard app available for Android devices. The developers are keeps on adding new features and abilities to the SwiftKey app. Their intention is to simplify your workload and improve productivity. As part of that, they have launched a new app named as Swiftmoji which predicts emoji while you type.

With more than 1800 emoji to choose from on your phone and more added regularly, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right emoji. Swiftmoji removes the frustration of playing hunt-the-emoji – and helps you discover new emoji you may have never even seen before – with its spot-on predictions.

The app works by using the context of what you’re typing coupled with worldwide emoji trends to give you the best and most topical emoji predictions. Swiftmoji quickly recognizes sentiment across a huge userbase, analyzing how millions of people have used emoji over a given period.

Download it now. 

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