Corning launches Gorilla Glass 5 ; Toughness rises to new heights with ‘selfie-height’ fall survival

Corning, one of the most well-known company for making Glass for Smartphones, from mid-range to flagships. Most of the smartphones are currently having Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches and a short height drops, by counting around 73% globally. Nowadays, Gorilla Glass is being one of the main criteria for buying smartphones in front of the customers. Now, the fifth generation of the Corning Gorilla Glass has been unveiled couples of hours ago, and let’s see what it boasts as per our expectations.

According to Corning, over 85% of smartphone owners have dropped their phones at least once per year and 55% have dropped their phones three times or more. Additionally, more than 60% of smartphone owners reported dropping their devices between shoulder and waist height. So the major part of smartphone drops are causing upto 1.6m height.

The height between shoulder and waist height are the usual spots where people normally hold their smartphones for taking selfies. And nowadays, there is more chance to drop down the phone unknowingly while roaming around the city with playing Pokemon GO. As the each successive generations have toughened their ability to survive, the Gorilla Glass 5 is also improved a lot as compared to its predecessor Gorilla Glass 4, came a couple of years ago. Now it can survive the 80% of crashes while falling from 1.6m height, only 27 inches increased but it can make a big impact among users.

The Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is also made by the ‘Fusion Process’, which is one by pouring liquid glass on to a trough and letting it to flow to edges. Also, the fifth generation of most loved glass survives the breaking by hitting the floor with edge. We have to wait a little bit more time to see the Gorilla Glass 5 powered smartphones, could tak half of a year.

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