Wow !!! Facebook Messenger reached more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide.


A great news. Facebook Inc. has just announced one of the big news for today. Facebook Messenger now exceeded 1 billion worldwide monthly active users. It is not a small thing as this is the first time, a social media chat app reaches this much popularity and user power.

In last April, it reached around 900 million monthly active users, now it is 1 billion. See how rapid it is growing. See the official announcement :

” People use Messenger to connect with the people and businesses they care most about. They make plans, share dreams, send payments, tell jokes, play games, let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them and much, much more. Today we are announcing that more than 1 billion people now use Facebook Messenger every month, making Messenger one of only a handful of apps worldwide that touch so many lives.”

Read more at Facebook newsroom. 

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