Sorry NextBit Robin users; Razer is shutting down the Cloud Storage service

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NextBit Robin smartphone launched in 2016 won many hearts with its unique design pattern and cloud storage facility provided for free by the creators. As a startup, the NextBit took a bit to thrive upwards. They stopped at their first smartphone – NextBit Robin, though many were waiting for a second edition. The company has been later acquired by the Gaming Hardware giant Razer and affixed to their smartphone section. Even after the acquisition of NextBit by Razer, the company officials have offered longlasting support for their users. But now, it seems like they are calling off the support bae which they have promised lately.

Now, the parent company of NextBit announced that they are permanently shutting down the free cloud storage space service given to NextBit Robin users. Maybe some of the users are feeling regret of purchasing this so-called innovative smartphone. Even though the device had less storage space inbuilt, the Cloud storage was helping out the numerous amount of users out there in backing up and storing their data without using any third-party tools. According to the company’s official statement, the Smart Storage services based on Cloud will be shutting down by March 1st, 2018 and will no longer be able to log in using user accounts.

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Most of the users have remarked the device as a good one to use,  but unfortunately, it is time to retire entirely from the elegant smartphone. (I do even know several guys who bought the device recently because of its great design). Are you still using a NextBit Robin smartphone? Would you say it one of the stupidest decision to go for the NextBit Robin smartphone? Comment down.


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