Smart Ring Control Pro Goes Free As myAppFree Free App of The Day

The Android App which has gone free as myAppFree free App of the day is Smart Ring Control Pro. myAppFree selects and tests many apps and provide best one to users as free for one day. Now you can download Smart Ring Control Pro as free for today. Today myAppFree offers every Pro versions of Smart Ring Control Pro as free, while the Pro version costs $2 in Play Store.
Smart Ring Control is a smart ringtone volume controller, which controls the volume of incoming caller ringtones without any physical contact with volume rockers, according to the positions where the device kept. Through Smart Ring Control can set different ring volume level for when the device is horizontal on a table or desk, and when the device is vertical on a pocket or bag. The notification message is required by Android so the app won’t be killed. Jelly Bean users can disable the notification by viewing the app info page, and un-check the “Show notifications” checkbox. The app will still work afterwards. The Smart Ring Control App mainly uses the accelerometer sensor to define itself about the position of the smartphone. The Pro version, which is free for today, uses proximity sensor also to detect the position of phone.
smart ring control

Additionally, you can set the device to be muted for a period of time from within the Smart Ring Control Pro version. For example, when you go to a movie, you can set the device to be muted for 2 hours, and it will enter silent mode for 2 hours. Right after you finish watching the movie, the device ring volume will be automatically restored to the previous settings.

Smart Ring Control Pro Features

  • Setting your phone ring volume depending on its position.
  • Full time background service, consumes only low power and memory.
  • ¬†We can set the device to be muted for a period of time.
  • Uses Accelerometer as well as Proximity sensors to detects the position.

The Free App is available today only, there is only 10 Hours Remaining time to download the Smart Ring Control Pro for Free.

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Disclaimer : The article is based only on the details from myAppfree and Smart Ring Control Pro.

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