Google Camera App May be Getting Google Goggles Functionality

Rumours Suggests that the Google’s Camera App for Mobile may be Getting Google Goggles Functionality. It’s just implementing the Technology of Google’s Search Giant Already Uses With their Camera App. Not a Big Deal. Rumours are about Android App that it may get Google Goggles Functionality.

What is Google Goggles Functionality?

Google Goggles is actually an app that allows you to Take a Picture and search with the Picture of Anything. It’s an Awesome App, But No one goes through the Effort to download the app. Bringing this functionality to Google Camera (which is already pre-installed in Android Devices) would me a Nice Move.

Details on this Project come from an anonymous source who also gave a bit more details on this project. The Report States there will be a new feature integrated in app which will allow users outline a specific area of the image in order to directly target their searches.

(Source: Android Authority)

In, Google Goggles, One can only search whole image, which has been proven to bring plenty of lack of compatibilities. Images have distractions like the background items, etc. According to the Sketch provided, The System will also be able to recommend retailers to buy the Product and some other details.

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Source: Android Authority

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