Google joins hands with MIT scientists to develop AI-powered real-time photography enhancement system

Tech giant Google has been seriously into the image enhancement systems so far, even from Google Photos features to the Pixel smartphone camera. Now, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have reported that the Google has been joined them for developing a new machine learning algorithm t make image captures much better in real-time. The CS and AI labs of MIT are in actually a good collaboration with the Google regarding the newly developed tech.

The new Artificial Intelligence based system will enhance the images even before that are being captured, and will be the fastest and perfect effect available now on cameras. The system will improve the images automatically by analyzing the pictures including background, focused object and other factors instead of just adding an enhancement mask layer over the picture like much images enhancing software available today. It will choose an appropriate mode for photography automatically, very fastly even many HDR modes. While capturing, you will not will not have to enhance and adjust values manually for your kind of images with better light filling and ISO. Everything will be done automatically by the new system tool, which is being developed by Google. The company is testing many neural networks with machine learning algorithms included, in collaboration with MIT scientists.

The MIT News claims that with the new system, the camera app or interface can quickly enhance the images with faster responding, which is counted to only just 1/10 time of conventional image effects. We can expect the new tweak of camera enhancement with the next Google Pixel second generation, or at least with the Android 8.0.0.

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