Samsung is skipping Galaxy Note 6, Next one is Note 7 ?

Samsung will set out a new resolution for their ever won smartphones, the Note series with the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This shows that Samsung is taking forward a step more from others. The new Galaxy note 7 will be in market on the hot summer. The latest steps took by Samsung got a good impression from the smartphone world, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. And the world is now excitedly pointing to next generation Note.

The new reports from South Korea, Samsung is planning to skip the 6th generation and stepping to 7th generation: “Within Samsung Electronics, a new Galaxy Note is already being called as Galaxy Note 7” also some other sites, described it as “high-ranking representative of Telecommunication Industry” .

According to ET News :

[Samsung] has decided to skip over Galaxy Note 6 to eliminate any inconsistency with an image that can occur as numbers of two products’ brands are different. It is also applying dual-edge on Note series for the first time. This is seen as Samsung Electronics’ strategy to maximize marketability of ‘Galaxy Note 7’, which is considered as Samsung Electronics’ biggest anticipated product, and to widen a gap between itself and Apple.

The new Galaxy designations introduces a very different dual edge on both of the Galaxy Note 7’ s front and back for the first time. The phone will look as pretty as from every angles. The expectations are there; the new design will help Samsung to be superior in competition with other high enders. There is also one thing about its announcement that it will be released in between mid-July and mid-August.

About the name Samsung Galaxy Note ‘7’; The flow of phablets from the Manufactures such as Google itself introduced Motorola Nexus 6 and Huawei Nexus 6P. Likewise Apple argued that there will be the new iPhone 7 in few months. As it troubles the industry, Samsung also sensed that their phone will need ‘7’. As these are not the final words of Samsung, we must watch them as pre-rumors for an announcement.

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