Android Marshmallow update rolling out for Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE

Android Marshmallow has been out for over a year and most of the smart phone or tablet devices has already received it. Finally! Android Marshmallow update is rolling out for Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE. The update is already applied to Shield K1 and Wifi Shield Tablet. Nvidia has promised that they will soon release Android Marshmallow update for the LTE model and its already out for the people who call U.S their home.

The most important thing about this update is that in addition to the tweaks that Google has added in the software, Nvidia added a few special feature of their own. The LTE Shield Tablet now has full support of Vulkan Graphics API which provides a better access to the Shield’s Graphics hardware, enhancing its graphics and making it much better than what it was before.

According to Nvidia there are some other updates and fixes for the tablet such as :

● Double tap power button to launch Shield Camera app.

● Do not disturb until next alarm.

● Support for Android Doze mode.

● Power optimization.

● Updated Emojis.

● Improved Wifi connectivity after waking from sleep.

● Fixed compass functionalities.

● Fixed gamepad mapper issue.

● Fixed issue in moving apps to SD card.

● Overall stability and security enhancement.

The update is out in the world but it might take some time to show up in your region so be patient. So how is it? Did the Vulkan Graphics API enhance your graphic experience? If it did please share your thoughts with u .

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