Samsung leads in Indian flagship smartphone sales, OnePlus in second position

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When it comes to flagship smartphones, Samsung always wins the game with its enchantingly beautiful and extremely powerful Galaxy series. Now it is again in the first place of the flagship smartphone sales in the Indian market. Samsung is always actively working on it to gain back their old reputation and sales by beating the hype of Xiaomi. However, they are still in the first place of flagship smartphone sales in the Indian market in the Q1, 2018. At the same time, OnePlus has found its place in the second position.

However, most of these sales were contributed by the recent flagship models including Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. Because these devices accounted for a total of 29% of all high-end sales during the period ending March 31. Among that, the base variant of the Galaxy S9 constitutes 12%, and the S9 Plus constitutes around 17%. Also, the recently launched Galaxy A8+ has attracted a good crowd in the Indian market, even though it is an exclusive online model.

Indian Flagship market sales Q1 2018
Indian Flagship market sales Q1 2018

As mentioned above, the second place holds the OnePlus. The brand that got success because of its fans. OnePlus built and maintains a great fan community and they help the brand to make more sales with cost-effective marketing efforts. The last model OnePlus 5T has shown a great number of sales, and it leads to the position in the 2nd place. OnePlus has managed to acquire 25% of the Indian flagship market. However, Apple has managed to get a place in the third position with 20% of the Indian market.

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    As expected

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    Samsung is the king of Indian flagship market

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