Opera has discontinued Opera Max

Opera on Monday announced the retirement of Opera Max services. Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max. The product had a substantially different value proposition than their browser products and represented a different focus for Opera. They, therefore, focus on their browsers and other upcoming services.

If you are unfamiliar, Opera Max was a service which routes all data connections to and from your device through a sperate VPN server. Thereby, it will help you save a large amount of data each month. Mainly, it combines large images and other media files to avoid overconsumption of the data. It was used for masking the data from ISPs too.

In the announcement, Opera stated: “The Opera Max service will remain intact for our existing users for a period of time. We will inform these users about the termination of server-side support in due time.” 

You can no longer download the app from the Google Play Store and you can’t install it in your devices. So the company has officially discontinued the app and the entire service. At the same time, it won’t affect the existing users for a limited time.



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