LG V30 may feature a pressure-sensitive TouchSense display along with animated UI

The most discussed smartphone phone which is expected to launch by the end of August, LG V30 is now said to sport the S8-like pressure sensitive TouchSense display with a gorgeous animated User Interface.

The phablet smartphone has been now seen under some alleged test sources which revealed the renders and basic features of the same. The latest tech that will replace the typical physical touch buttons in the devices, by making use of the pressure-sensitive display. It is confirmed since LG has announced that they would use the haptic technology from Immersion Corporation.

Samsung had already rolled out this tech in their current flagship line up, Galaxy S8 and S8+ that ditched the signature home-button in the rear panel hence made a way to the latest virtual home button. The upcoming Samsung Note 8 is also highly expected to sport the pressure-sensitive “force touch” display under the hood along with the Infinity Display.

Still, the “3D Touch panel to be pressure sensitive” in Note 8 is considered to be the as normal rumour since there aren’t any supportive leaks are found. The TouchSense in V30 will make it high to its expectations that, tapping on the capture button in Camera App will give you a feel of clicking the DSLR shutter. Even the percussion of explosions shown in movies can be felt while watching, or the G-forces applied while gaming can be felt. The TouchSense can be explained much simple way as the technology to blend “virtual experiences with the experiences in the real world”.

The device is expected to launch in the IFA 2017 on August 31 at 9:00 am Central European Time. It is expected LG to announce with 2 variants of the device, LG V30 and LG V30 Plus which will start shipping by early September. It may come with lot many new features including 3D Touch, improved camera, FullVision Display etc.

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