Google announces the voice support for 8 more Indian languages

Finally, Google search voice support is coming to more in Indian languages. Today, Google India has announced the support for Google search voice for 8 more Indian languages. According to Google, starting today, you will be able to use these additional Indian languages in Gboard app and Google app on your devices.

The newly added languages include Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. These new languages will also be made available in the Cloud Speech API and will soon be extended to other Google apps and products, including the Translate app. In addition to Android devices, these new languages will be available for iOS devices too.

According to Google, In order to perform a voice-based search, users will need to set their language in the Voice settings menu in Google app. One of the biggest efforts in India ever made by the Google team is implementing the local language with their services. Because India has over 21 modern languages. It is really hard to implement all these. However, Google is adding it as step by step. The new language support will also enhance voice typing on Gboard, helping users to respond to emails on the go and send texts within messaging apps.



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