OnePlus 5 to boast UFS storage instead of eMMC

OnePlus 5, the most anticipated and most awaited flagship smartphone from China has been confirmed to get unveiled by June 20. The device seems to have sank on the flood of rumors and plenty of leaks, plus some hype too.

Well, it is very clear that the OnePlus is going to build a innovative device with Smartphone technology at its peak. Apart from every rumored top tier hardware configuration, the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirms via his Weibo account that the upcoming OnePlus smartphone will be shipped with UFS storages instead of conventional eMMC. If you don’t get the technical phase, the eMMC and UFS are the technological memory options used wish in Smartphone manufacturing. The eMMC is more popular, while the UFS is pretty faster, reliable and compact in size compared to the latter and even better than SSD. Samsung is one of the largest and advanced UFS manufacturer. Here is a plot showing the difference between both of them.

OnePlus 5 to boast UFS storage instead of eMMC 2
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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wrote in his microblogging account about the usage of UFS type storages in flagship devices as selling point, also helps in faster file transfer, faster booting. So it’s almost confirmed that OnePlus 5 smartphone is expected to launch on June 20, with 5.4 inch qHD display, powered by Snapdragon 835 and 6GB/8GB RAM onboard. We also know that the device will arrive with dual rear camera setup configured with DxOMark software.

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