Pixel Launcher now supports non-rooted devices

Developer AmirZ successfully ported an APK of Google Pixel’s Launcher on Reddit. The launcher is based on AOSP Launcher 3, so it will work almost all android smartphones. It’s very appreciable achievement for the developer, and greets.

Google Now Launcher was the only one launcher integrated in Android open source project as well. Till the launch of Pixel, Google used to have the Google Now launcher on their smartphones. Google Now launcher didn’t offer any alternative experience for the users for long. Also those nexus devices were not different. They too have integrated with Google Now.

Pixel Launcher now supports non-rooted devices 2
Image source: androidpolice.com

Thereafter came Google Pixel Smartphones, with a new and interactive shell. From Nexus to Pixel, Google changed everything that matters the smartphone. At every point of judgement, Pixel got something new in its heart. One of them is the Pixel Launcher. Pixel Launcher was very well made in to replace the Google Now launcher, until discontinued in March.

The Pixel Launcher was not officially common for all android phones. It needed a rooted smartphone to support Pixel Launcher, that’s past. By the release of Pixel v1.2, the ported launcher works fine on all devices. Including G Pill, Google Now, and the widgets. Also a fix for an issue that broke the widget scrolling when swiped up.

Make sure Pixel Launcher isn’t installed already, else the widgets may not work and also checked install app from unknown sources. The app is available to download from Github.

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