Sony unveils Playlink: Smartphone controllable set of games for PS4

Japanese legendary brand Sony announced it’s new program named Playlink at E3 2017. The Playlink is a set of games that can be controlled using Smartphones.

Sony Playlink works by connecting smartphones to the PlayStation 4 machine and the phones turn out to be the perfect controllers. Unless the conventional Sony Dualshock controllers, you can use every touch screen supported gestures to control the game including Pinch, swipe, tap, hold and drag with an ease. As an initial initiative, Sony has packed the Playlink with five games – That’s You, Hidden Agenda, Frantics, singstar celebration and Knowledge Power. Every game supports multi players, locally connected Smartphones. The layers must be in a single game room (or must be interconnected via Local network like WiFi) to play the games in multiplayer mode.

Out of the 5 games which are added with Playlink for now, Hidden Agenda is a detective game which can be played well as single player or multiplayer group contains maximum of 5 participants. Other game details have not been revealed yet, That’s You seems a mysterious game while other three would be a funny mood games. The Playlink feature is exclusive to PlayStation 4 only and the older versions will not support it. Sony has not yet published further details about the Playlink.

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