Motorola opens 100 new Moto Hubs in India to sell more products in the market

Motorola is on its expansion mode. As part of it, the company has recently started service centers in all major cities in India. Now, the company has announced the launch of 100 new Moto Hubs in India. The new Moto Hubs are located at Karnataka state and it empowers the market growth of Motorola products in the future. Most of these hubs are located in the capital city Bangalore and the rest constitutes 7 other cities in the state.

For your information, Motorola has opened 50 new Moto Hubs in Mumbai recently. Now 100 more hubs launched in Karnataka. The company is planning to launch more number of Moto Hubs in various cities across the country. Motorola plans to open 1000 Moto Hubs across 100 Indian cities by the end of 2018. According to GFK, Karnataka is the second biggest smartphone market in the state in India with over 6 lakh smartphones sold every month, thus contributing 8% of the total smartphones sold in India. Bengaluru further contributes 50% of the total smartphones sold in Karnataka and Motorola is amongst the top 5 brands in the city.

Motorola opens 100 new Moto Hubs in India to sell more products in the market 2
Moto hub in Mumbai | Image source: moto India


Moto Hubs are the offline stores that provide Motorola products to customers. The stores will display the entire portfolio of Motorola devices including the Moto E4, Moto e4+, Moto C, Moto C+, Moto G family and Moto MODs along with accessories like on-ear and in-ear headphones, moto shells and covers. Sudhin Mathur, the Managing Director of Motorola Mobility India said “Offering a premium customer experience has been a key pillar of our strategy and strengthening retail footprint in Mumbai is a step further in that direction.” He further added that “Moto Hub will offer unique Moto experience to customers in an environment they are familiar with, further helping us engage our customers better.”

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