Live Location Sharing is coming to WhatsApp

Live Location Sharing is one of the very useful features which is going to be available in one of the most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp messenger. Previously Facebook Messenger and iMessage come up with this salient feature. Now, WhatsApp also had some blow to avail the feature to iOS and Android very soon. Sharing your location is a great way to avail your current location to someone who is eagerly waiting for you.

It can be accessed in the same way that you access location sharing. Now there is not only the option to pin on your location and share, instead, there will be a time duration in which you can allow the recipient to track your current motion status for that specific period. There are three time lengths available now, which are: Fifteen minutes, an hour and 8 hours. From there you can choose whichever you have allowed them to track you.

The quite helpful use of this feature will be assuring a safe journey for your dear ones, who you cannot help at that time. They can share their live location for you to track them off the way.

You can turn off the location sharing manually at your own desire of conceal. The feature had already appeared on Snapchat and Foursquare Messaging Platforms.

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