Huawei to bring AI cinema effect to its upcoming mate series

Huawei, the brand that has always been focusing on AI photography have stepped up their game as per what we have heard from the official sources. With the introduction of dual NPUs in the in-house Kirin 980, we knew that Huawei was seriously looking forward in the Artificial Intelligence department.

The upcoming mate series is supposed to support playing with hue, saturation, and brightness, thus forming the fundamental and essential elements of the video. The mate series features professional filmmaking skills making even the beginners to create masterpieces. The new hardware along with their software an identify and isolate the colors of a subject by desaturating everything else. All this in real time makes the Mate series a leap beyond in the mobile photography game and use of that dual NPUs for the common folk.Huawei to bring AI cinema effect to its upcoming mate series 4

The new set of features supposedly also to carry over the classic 21:9 movie ratio and complete with AI HDR to get all that highlights from the shadows and clouds. The upcoming Mate also will be having a new set of Lecia ultra-wide angle lens with a focal length equivalent to 16mm which in turn lets in light even in the pitch black spaces. The image captured is so vivid and crisp due to which they give a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Huawei is all set and geared up to give a chill to the likes of LG with their V series and seeing the growth of Huawei with their in-house chips, we believe the days of LG Mobiles from the content creator-centric device will be gone as The Chinese brand is already pushing the boundaries of what AI-Smartphone photography can be!


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