HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer is promising something great for MWC 2018.

Mr. Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, has blasted a small bomb in his Twitter page. The guy said that the company is all set to introduce something great at MWC 2018. He teases that this year’s MWC will be really awesome for the company. His tweet might be hinting at some upcoming Nokia devices or any new technological branch by the HMD Global. However, we have no idea about that as of now.

To recall, MWC 2017 was super-awesome for the HMD Global and Nokia fans. They launched three new smartphone models under Nokia and announced the global availability of their products. So the fans around the globe were expecting something cool like MWC 2017 in the upcoming Mobile World Conference too. However, we are expecting the launch of new Nokia Android tablets and new smartphone series from the brand. Also we heard some rumors about the upcoming Nokia flagship device with some special features.

HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer is promising something great for MWC 2018. 2
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HMD Global Oy, branded as HMD, is a Finnish company affiliated with Nokia. Operating since December 2016, the firm develops and markets smartphones and feature phones under the “Nokia” brand name. The company has exclusive rights to the brand for mobile phones through a licensing agreement. It was created by inheriting Microsoft Mobile’s feature phone business, which was sold by Nokia in 2014. They are in a “close partnership” with Google and use the Android software on their smartphones, whereas on their feature phones the Series 30+ platform is mainly used. The HMD brand is only used for corporate purposes and does not appear in advertising, whereas the name Nokia Mobile is used on social media. (Source: wiki)

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