Google Pixel 2 live images leak

Twitter leaker Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) leaked the first live images of Google Pixel 2 several hours ago, revealing the significant change and physical appearance of the device. The pictures show resemblance towards the earlier leaks as well as the previous device from the google, the original Pixel.

It’s been truly a while since we have started hearing about the rumors of anticipated second generation MadebyGoole sartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. Plenty of supposed leaks and rumored images excited he device design even with dual-camera setup and other physical appearnace changes. With the latest leak from Evan Blass, this would be the better time to start avoiding unlikely strange renders coming out.

Google Pixel 2 live images leak 2
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One of the major changes in the device we would notice is the front dual speaker grille. Unlike the first generation Pixel series, the Googe has relocated e speaker grill from bottom edge to the front panel, just below the display. The corners of the device get more square-ey this time instead of the curvy design in the predecessor. Another change which catches our eye is the rear camera module. It has been enlarged, even the flashlight. The flash and camera positions are same as earlier versions. It seems the Google has used a larger sensor from SOny to capture light which must turn the device’s camera “Best in class”. Ther is no visible antenna lines seen on the rear. The glass area has been reduced by almost half, and the fingerprint scanner is located the almost middle of the back panel, with a chromium rings to look better.

A Google’s “G” logo has been etched almost the lowest central portion of rear device panel. Even if the Google logo rests at the back, the smartphone will be manufactured by HTC and the latter variant Pixel XL 2 will probably be built by LG, reports suggest.

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