Samsung Wearable device gets Bluetooth certification

An upcoming wearable device from the Korean tech giant Samsung with model number SM-R600 has been spotted on Bluetooth SIG website listing. The device is now getting Bluetooth certification. While we went through the model number, the Samsung has already announced a device with same model number back in Tizen Developer Conference this year.

Samsung Wearable device gets Bluetooth certification 2
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As we consider the earlier showcasing and details, we can almost confirm that the Samsung is on the way to build a new smart wearable device in Tizen OS. In case you are unaware, the Tizen series devices from Samsung are quite different from usual Android devices as they see Samsung’s own Operating System named Tizen OS with some similar Graphical similarities o top layer, including support for several Android apps.

It is not clear whether the Korean giant is developing a smartwatch or a fitness tracker like Galaxy Fit. Currently, the company’s very wearable devices run on Tizen Operating SYstem including the smartwatches. As far as we concern about the wearable series, we can assume that the Samsung would probably make a wearable fitness tracker this time instead of a smartwatch. Many reports claim that the device may be the Gear Pop which has been in the news from months which is to be launched along with Samsung Gear Fit Pro.

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