Google Assistant best of trolls collection: Internet makes fun of Google Duplex

Hey Google! tell my wife that I cant make for the dinner with her parents.

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Back in Google I/O 2018 last week, Google announced the Google Duplex, the new smart enhancements to the Google Assistant. Mr. Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google Inc. has also shown a demo of this feature for the fans. In his demo, he featured Google Assistant’s ability to call others on behalf of the user and to respond in a more human way. It was really surprising as it was one of the best results artificial intelligence. Because of this, Google Duplex and Google Assistant have attracted a huge amount of fans in a blink of an eye time.

However, the internet has gone too far with the Duplex. The excited Android fans across the globe have started posting trolls and memes about the Google Duplex. They associated Google Duplex’s new feature with our funny lifestyle and made out great jokes. We have sorted some of the best jokes from all over the internet and listed below. Check them out:

This video was uploaded by Adam Fierman on YouTube and it shows the conversation between Google Assistant and a user’s girlfriend. In this context, the user asks the assistant to make a call to his girlfriend and convince her for the breakup. Check out how the conversation went.

Another user Adam Fierman uploaded a video which shows a user asks Google Duplex to call his parents to ask for some money. It is really funny and Google Assistant is very smart in this context.

Some other Google assistant jokes:


Man: Hey Google, tell my wife that I cant make for the dinner with her parents.
Google Assistant: Okay, will do.

After sometime…

Google Assistant: Next time, you talk to your wife yourself…


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    Haha 😀 …. Simply awesome

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