5 Best streaming devices Perfect For Watching Your Favorite Content Online

Many homes have cut the cords of their cable companies and opted for best streaming devices to access their favorite content. Having a cable service can get expensive and many people are cutting their costs as well by switching to a streaming device. There are various services out there that offer exclusive content and the same content you can find on television. From Netflix to Hulu and YouTube, there are many types of media you have access to on your TV screen rather than a mobile device. 

Best streaming devices for watching series for free

To gain access to these streaming services you want to invest in a streaming device. These devices are usually easy to use and connect to your television like a USB. Here are some of the best streaming devices meant for swatching content online. 

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The most recent addition to Amazon’s smart home collection is the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This device lets you control more than just your TV. You can change your volume, control power, soundbar and more with simple voice commands. The Alexa feature on all of Amazon’s products allows users to use the controls of a remote without actually touching one. You can even use your voice to control your cable box if you intend to keep it. 

You won’t have to worry about screaming and over-enunciating when you give Alexa a command as the microphones installed in the FireTV Cube are superb and can pick up your voice even over the loudest speakers. You can also control your other Amazon devices with your Cube as well. 

If you are using a different source device like a Roku or Apple TV, you will have to use the physical remote for controls. Many apps don’t support voice commands just yet so you will have to have your remote control on-hand. It may be difficult for some to get through the setup process successfully so there are how-tos and guides online to help with any DIY streaming-related projects


Roku is a more simple and reasonably priced streaming device that does just that: stream. It easily streams your favorite apps like Netflix and Hulu and has a simple interface. It has simple remotes and controls and has fast responses to commands. This device is perfect for those who tend to get confused with technology and complicated interfaces. For those that enjoy getting straight to the point, Roku is popular for having one of the best search components when compared to other streaming devices. 

The Roku stick has its own variations as well. You have the choice of getting the most simplistic version, the best quality device, and the in-between. The different types of Roku sticks available are: 

  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku Premiere Plus
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express Plus

You can simply plug your device in your TV like a USB port and begin streaming. The setup process is simple enough for elders and the prices of these devices are within $50. 

Apple TV 4K

Apple TVs are great options for those who pledged their loyalty to the Apple brand and the products underneath the name. Though Apple TV hasn’t necessarily lead when it came to the best streaming devices, when they upgraded their device to support the highest resolution television and increased capabilities, more people were drawn to this cable alternate. 

This device leads when it comes to quality picture and streaming delivery. With voice-activated controls and unique remote control, Apple TV is one of the most polished streaming devices out to date. This device is expensive running close to $200 apiece. It also isn’t compatible with Amazon’s streaming service and doesn’t support YouTube in 4K. If you want to stick with your brand loyalty or want the best streamer available, getting an Apple TV may be ideal for you. 

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecasts are meant for casting content to a big screen from a smaller device like a smartphone or tablet and laptop. It is one of the best streaming devices you can buy. It is compatible with Netflix and all the other streaming services. The fact that this device is within $35 makes it the most affordable streaming device out there. It is rather simple to use and works like a USB to your TV. It is small and can be hidden behind your TV. 

The fact that this device doesn’t come with a remote means that you will always have to use a smart device to cast your video and will have to refer back to your device for control. You can control your Google Chromecast with google assistant, though. If you want something simple and easy, a Chromecast could be your fit. 

Nvidia Shield 

This system is perfect for those that enjoy gaming and streaming as well. The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best streaming devices that offers every app meant for streaming and music. It is also 4K compatible like the Apple streaming device. You have the capability of using voice control and interaction with your remote or controller. You get a gamer feel when you have this device with its console-style design and gaming controller remote. 

This device is actually quite expensive and stands next to Apple Tv when it comes to price. Nvidia Shield also has features that appeal to gamers like being able to stream your favorite games to from your PC. It also has its own category for games that can be downloaded from their servers. 

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