Finally, Samsung officially recalls all Galaxy Note 7 devices

It is now official. Samsung now officially recalls all the Galaxy Note 7 devices. The recall process is official now as a worldwide process. The new announcement made by Samsung clearly says about the recalling procedure.

We’ve reported the news about the explosion issue of the new Galaxy Note 7 devices. Many customers had reported the explosion of their new device. This is due to the issues in the manufacturing. Simply, a manufacturing defect caused this. Till now, Samsung has officially received 35 cases about the malfunction of the device. Those 35 units exploded while charging. So it could be risky to use it now. And the company had made an official announcement which says that just 24 units in every million (or one in 42,000 units) is at risk of fire. But they are recalling all the units to repair. Another unofficial report claims that around  0.1% devices are facing the issue with the battery pack and it could even explode the device.

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Seriously, it is a shameful thing from Samsung. It is very bad to provide defected devices for this high price. So they have to repair all the devices as soon as possible. But, we can’t troll Samsung as they are trying their best to repair all devices to keep the customer relations.


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