Snapchat has got some new features which will make it more easier to use.

The developers of the Snapchat have been doing their best to improve it. In the new update of Snapchat now you can make your caption bold, italic and underlined. You can also add captions to your video. You can make your own custom geofilters more easily.
Now the first feature is that you can make your caption bold, italic and underlined. You can do it by long taping the caption and then selecting the option that you like. The next feature is that you can add captions to your video by clicking on the T to make a big caption in the video. You can place the caption anywhere inside the video.

Another change that this update bring is that you no longer need to press and hold the face of a person to access the snap lenses instead now you just need to tap on the face of the person to access snap lenses. With this update you can also make your own custom geofilters. You don’t need to go to snap chat website in order to make a geofilter. There are many templates available in the app. You just need to open the app, select the template, add your location and that’s it. Your geofilters is ready. But don’t get to happy it also costs you a few hundred dollars to make geofilters this way.
So what do you think is this update interesting? Are you going to spend your money in making the geofilters or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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