Father’s Day Deals: T-Mobile BOGO Bonanza is up for LG G6 and Galaxy S8 devices

T-Mobile started celebrating Father’s Day with rolling out BOGO deals. Since the last year too, T-Mobile put a lot of offers in the time of Father’s Day. Now, they are back with those deals. Now the BOGO deals points High end Flagships.

This new BOGO deals are rolling over Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and LG G6 smartphones. They are very cost worthy as well as the beasts of beauty in smartphone industry. At this time, T-Mobile is leaving out a BOGO Bonanza of occupying rebate on buying one with real money. So, it’s the time for non-carrier users to have a T-Mobile Galaxy S8 or LG G6 or V20 as the gift for their Dad as well as one for them.

The offer is time limited. So get the smartphones at ease very fast. Both existing and non-carrier customers can avail this offer. T-Mobile provides no-interest Equipment Installment Policy(EIP) to get ready for this BOGO Bonanza, by taking their non-carrier Galaxy S8 and LG G6 to add one voice line with unlimited data. This is only carried out for non-existing users of T-Mobile.

New customers will need to buy both devices on EIP and activate on T-Mobile ONE. Trade-in is now avoided. In rebate request online, you have to provide mail and you can afford refund through prepaid MasterCard for the device of lower value, i.e, upto $500 for the LG devices or $790 for Galaxy devices.

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