Essential’s head of User Experience Joins Google

Liron Damir leaves Essential Inc. and joins Google. If you don’t know, he was working was the head of User experience at Essential. Now, Google has hired him to their team. Liron Damir was once the lead designer for Pebble and WebOS too. He was working with several random startups for the past few years. But now, he lands in the arms of Google.

Recently, another lead guy of Essential has left the company. Followed by that, Liron Damir is also leaving. Anyway, it is not really good for a startup. But still, people are very excited about the Essential smartphones and are waiting eagerly for the devices. They have received a huge number of pre-registrations for the device. Recently, Essential has announced that they will start shipping the units by the end of this week. So we are very close to that.

Damir joins the Google Home department to improve Google Home experience and eco system. Since he has a great track record in UX field, he might be able to make some impacts in the Google Home market. Google recently announced that they are planning to integrate more services and capabilities to the Google Home and associated technologies.

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