Essential to start shipping the phones next week

It’s been a while since the Essential launched their new smartphone. As per the official information shared by the company, they have received a great number of pre-orders for the device. Because of the huge demand, they were working hard to manufacture the units for fast delivery. But the customers were impatient and they were talking about this for the past few days.

Now, Mr. Andy Rubin has sent out a message to the customers regarding the status of the phone. According to him, they will be able to ship the devices in the coming weeks. Also, he assures that the customers will receive the unit within few weeks. The company is planning to start shipping the devices before mid-August. So if you are one who already ordered an Essential smartphone, you will get it within a few weeks.

Essential to start shipping the phones next week 2
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Andy Rubin’s Essential company announced the new smartphones before some months. His announcement created a buzz in the tech world. He introduced the new Essential smartphone as an innovation with many advanced features and unique design. It boasts premium titanium body and it assures complete protection for the hardware. Also, the smartphone is semi-modular and you can try out some modular accessories such as wide angle cameras. So the smartphone fans were thrilled about the device. That’s the reason why they received this much orders in the meantime.


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