How Hotel Brands Are Using Instagram to influence and engage travellers

In order to build a lasting brand and get your message across to your customers, marketing resources should be used strategically, and therefore each part should be coordinated too as well so that a good content network could be created. This network includes components like syndication, press releases, blogging, publishing, social and video media as well. Each component has its own special purpose. And these are the categories on which Chapter 4 of the Book Digital Media emphasizes, for spreading the word.

Video Media

Video media is the most used and popular form of content that is used these days, with YouTube in the lead. To make the most of YouTube viral content, the video options and reviewed along with recommendations. Chapter 4 also gives a special mention to Vimeo as well, along with Daily Motion too. Nowadays, social networking sites allow you to load videos from other websites directly on to their platforms only.

Social Media

Apart from video media, Chapter 4 also emphasizes on social media as well, like Instagram and Facebook. These are the most used platforms by sheer user metrics. The ranking of the social media websites will depend on what type of factors you include in your ranking. For example, YouTube will come on top in terms of internet usage, while Facebook in terms of user numbers. Even though Chapter 4 does not study the whole spectrum of social networks, it still has been adding bonuses at a steady rate, as there is so much information that needs to be shared.

Bonus for Chapter 4: Tips on doing Digital Media Marketing with Instagram

Instagram has become a popular medium for travel Brands. It is an amazing platform for destinations and hotels with images that engage and persuade. In fact, Instagram is a brochure for vacations, fashion, home design, real estate, cosmetics, and just about everything.

● It is not recommended to buy followers or links or even use automation tools that are spams.
● Always use approved tools like later or buffer. These tools can be used to schedule any post to more than one Instagram account.
● Try to share amazing pictures from Instagram influencers. This can be easily done by re-posting their content via an Instagram re-post application. Adding quality video and photography will help you look curious and serious as well. But, before re-posting, you should always get permission from the main content creator.
● Make sure that you set up your Instagram account as a business account, and do not forget it to link with your Instagram account as well.
● Research the posts of yours that are doing well, and then promote those specifically. It will give you good exposure and ultimately your content will help you get more followers quite easily and effectively.
● Finding the right kind of hashtag is important and thus you should know which kind of hashtag will be the right one for your content and Instagram post.
● There is no harm in asking for followers. Those who like your Instagram content, posts or even video content – asking them to just follow you, will do you more good. This is important, especially if you want to grow your followers. You can start by following the first and in return, they will follow you.

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