BlackBerry releases August Android security patches for their devices

BlackBerry on Tuesday announced that they are officially rolling out the August month’s security updates for their Android devices globally. BlackBerry’s official security related Twitter page has tweeted the news. You can find the full tweet below:

The update is currently only hitting units purchased through ShopBlackBerry, the company’s online store. If you bought your Android-powered BlackBerry from a retailer or carrier, the patch may arrive a bit late. But don’t worry, the company has promised the availability of this update for all users worldwide. Within a week, you will see the update on your device too.

BlackBerry releases security bulletins to notify users of its Android smartphones about available security fixes; see for a complete list of monthly bulletins. This advisory is in response to the Android Security Bulletin (August 2017) and addresses issues in that bulletin that affect BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones.



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