Best VPN Apps For Android In 2019

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to browse the internet anonymously while helping them connect to public Wi-Fi without any kind of security concerns. It offers comfort while browsing websites on the Internet without giving any proof to the service providers. Essentially, a VPN gives you more freedom and security while browsing on the internet.

Having said that, the Android operating system is the most popular mobile OS in the world and it also has more than a billion active application users. This also makes way for a huge number of VPN applications on the Play Store. But with such a huge number of choices when it comes to VPN Apps for Android, it can be confusing knowing what to choose.

If you are looking for a perfect VPN application for your mobile device, read on to discover the best VPN applications for Android in 2019.


The ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN applications for the Android operating system and it is also the most trusted name in the VPN sector. The application gives a fast and reliable connection as well as security. These ingredients are enough to get a secured place in the heart of the users.

Furthermore, the application also comes with the biggest networks in the market, offering 3000 plus servers in 160 locations in 94 countries. That’s pretty impressive numbers.

Best VPN Apps For Android In 2019 8When it comes to compatibility, the ExpressVPN will work smoothly on all the active Android versions. You can set up the application very easily; once you download it from the Google Play Store, you will get step by step instructions for every single setup step, and better still, if you run into a roadblock, the application provides 24/7 live chat support.

The App costs $8.32 per month (if you choose the plan for a complete year).


NordVPN is one of my personal VPN applications, which you can use on most platforms such as Android, Windows and many more. It offers good all-around functionality and is loaded with innovative features. It comes with more than 5100 servers across the globe and offers high download speeds which make it one of the fastest options out there, and it offers innovative safety protocols, along with the military-grade encryption, which is awesome. The service also contains a kill switch.

Best VPN Apps For Android In 2019 9The Android app is simple and user-friendly, which means you can browse across the Internet with just one click and the application is compatible with the active versions of Android. It also offers 24/7 support to ensure help at any time. Regarding the pricing, you can make it yours for just $2.99 per month on a 3-year plan, which means you will get the advanced and safe VPN service at an ultra-affordable budget.


If you are looking for the best pocket-friendly VPN application then the Cyberghost will be your favorite. It offers download speeds of up to 259Mbps, which is head-to-head competition with its premium rivals on speed. Better still, the service will enable you to stream content on popular streaming services such as Netflix.

Best VPN Apps For Android In 2019 10In terms of privacy, CyberGhost is a safe choice as it comes with a strict zero-logs policy and has 4800 servers across the globe, resulting in a tension-free browsing experience. When it comes to compatible, the service is available on all the versions of Android and also on other platforms.

This App costs just $2.75 per month.


So, these are our best picks for the best VPN applications for Android devices. Now the biggest challenge is how you go about selecting the best application for your device.

The Apps we’ve listed in this article are the top rated and the best in the market, and all of them will give you the most secure and advanced features. Furthermore, the above-listed VPN applications come with the support of live chat. Now you can select the preferred one according to your budget and the demand. Having said that, we advise not to choose any free VPN services because you may well face privacy issues.

We would like to hear your thoughts about the above-listed VPN applications in the comments section below and we recommend you want to stay tuned with us for more tech based tips and news.

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