Asus banned from selling Zenfone smartphones in India

Asus is gearing up for the launch of their newest smartphone Zenfone 6 in the Indian market. The smartphone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and premium features. However, the company is facing a big issue in the market now. Delhi High Court has issued a ban on Asus for selling Zenfone smartphones in the country. It is regarding a trademark issue with an Indian brand named Telecare.

So it is confirmed that Asus can’t sell smartphones in India under the Zen series. The term Zen was trademarked by the Telecare company and they filed a suit against the technology giant Asus. The official statement from Telecare states that the company has been selling Zen series of smartphones in India, and the company also owns a trademark for the term “Zen” from 2018. The Telecare Network also states that two different brands selling smartphones with the same name might create confusion for end users.

Telcare states that Asus used their trademark name and took advantage of their market term to increase the sales and brand exposure. Their case clearly states that the Asus brand entered the Indian market in 2014, whereas the Telecare Network has been selling devices in India since 2008. After receiving the petition, the Delhi High court has already issued a notice against Asus India to stop using the term Zen.

Here is the official statement from Asus India: “The ASUS legal team is currently working with the Delhi High Court in India to resolve the Zen Mobiles and ZenFone trademark lawsuit. The supply of ASUS smartphones, notebooks and other products, as well as technical support and after-sales service for all ASUS products remain unchanged for all consumers.”



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