Skype for Android and iOS gets updated with Screen share feature

Skype for Android and iOS gets updated with Screen share feature 2
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Microsoft has just released a most awaited update to the Skype for mobile application globally. The company has included the support for screen share feature on the Skype platform. They have been testing this feature for the last two months and now it is public. The latest version of the Skype app for Android and iOS comes with this feature. You can now update your app to the latest version to try out this feature in your phone.

With the latest version, users can share their screen to other connected users easily. You can easily activate the screen sharing feature of Skype in the latest version. You can toggle the screen sharing feature on the video calling interface once you are connected each other. There will be a three dot menu in the bottom of the video calling interface, you can enable the screen sharing feature in that menu.

The official announcement from Skype reads: “Speaking of brand new, Skype’s mobile calling redesign streamlines and simplifies the video call. A single tap will dismiss the call controls and let you fully experience the most essential Skype feature—a video call without any obstructions. Want to make it even cleaner? Try a double tap to remove it all. A single tap brings all the controls back, with everything you need the most at the front and center.”


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