Android Oreo for Samsung Galaxy S8 leaves Beta build

Samsung has been testing the Android 8.0 Oreo beta test version on Galaxy S8 devices this far, rolled out in almost ever countries. The company has promised that the Beta version would be changed to the stable public release by the end of January, and the company seems to have kept the promise. Starting from today onwards, the Android Oreo Bet for Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be available for further installation, ahead of the arrival of the stable release. After several Beta upgrades from past months, it is now ready for a public rollout.

Samsung Galaxy S8 users from the USA have already started receiving Beta related notices pointing out that the stable ring would rollout to their devices soon. But there is no time or date mention regarding the stable update release. So we can expect an update notification anytime soon this week or next.

Here is the how the notice goes.

A big THANK YOU for your overwhelming response to the Samsung Experience 9.0 Beta.Your feedback about performance, reliability, and usability has helped us to release more reliable, better performing software and provide an improved user experience to Samsung users.

This program will end on January 26th.You can still communicate with us about the Beta until the program. After the end of beta program,

– There will be no more beta software releases

– We do not provide official response to your feedback

– Community is still open for communication between our beta users.

We look forward to releasing the official software update as soon as we can. Thanks for all your time, patience and support during this period.

Android Oreo for Samsung Galaxy S8 leaves Beta build 2
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