Xiaomi says that the upcoming device will be from a new series

We have been waiting for the official launch of the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone for a few days. The company has already teased the device with dual camera setup. Also, Xiaomi has started promoting the device using a hashtag – #FlagshipDualCamera. So the upcoming device from the Chinese brand is a dual camera smartphone.

The whole tech world was believing that the device could be the Mi 5X or the Mi 6. But, Xiaomi is now surprising everyone by revealing that the device would be from a completely new series. So the upcoming Xiaomi dual camera smartphone won’t be a Mi device or a Redmi device, it would be something else. Since June, We have been witnessing some serious rumors about the new sub brand of Xiaomi. The company has teased it multiple times. So the new teaser also points towards that. Yes, the new Xiaomi series is coming on September 5.

Xiaomi India has scheduled a press event on September 5 for the launch of this device. Also, they mentioned that it will be a global launch instead of just a country launch event. So, Xiaomi is launching their new smartphone series in India with their new smartphone model. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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