Here is what’s new with Telegram Bot Platform 2.0

Telegram messaging App has recently updated their Telegram Bot platform to the version number Bot Platform 2.0, along with the Application update. Developers had introduced many features, more than from the previous version. Telegram Bots are famous for providing various types of Chat bots , even for perfectly running News Bots. (Wait for an AndroidHits NewsBot-coming soon) Check it out from here what’s new with it. The new platform and features are only available for Latest updated Telegram apps.

New Keyboards, New Actions

An inline keyboard which interacts with it without messaging, and it updates its own messages itself.

New Types of Content

It supports new types of various contents, which also works in inline mode.For example, by typing @music , it will show you the list of music and you can send it to your any of the contacts list.

New Mechanics

By using @youtube keyword, you can connect and share the YouTube accounts and videos through Telegram.

New Permissions

The inline @foursquare lets you to share your location and nearby events.

New Horizons

These are the only few sample methods of Telegram Bot platform and the Telegram offers API more facility and easy-to-use UI for developers who are interested in bot developing.

As we said, wait for an Android Hits News Bot.

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