Facebook introduces Messenger platform with AI Bots

Facebook has been launched a platform for the Messenger Application on F8 Developer conference. The platform will be powered with AI to deliver the Chat Bots, an improved AI edition of the normal chatbots exits in other messenger platforms like Hike.

Facebook mainly aims towards the Business individuals and corporates for their customer support to become more powerful. It will allow businesses to deliver Automated reply, temporary customer support powered with bots, E-Commerce guidance, Content delivery, and to have fun with the chatboxes.¬†Facebook has focused to many companies around the globe which has registered it Facebook earlier like 1-800 flowers, CNN etc. While delivering content and news to specific readers, these chatbots from facebook can personalize those words for the readers by learning each user’s language experience. So they can read stuffs very well in their own style from their favorite media.

The Messenger bots are not only a texting bot, it can send structured messages in appropriate way like images, videos, links, documents, and even Call to Action buttons. It could send some stuffs related to the user’s location, needs and much more. The traffic updates, weather conditions, residentials, buildings like hotels and gas stations, etc. can be provided by the newly launched Messenger platform.

As the many companies like Microsoft and Google are coming to the AI platforms, the movement from Facebook would be to become one of the most powerful in the world. Moreover, facebook CEO Mark has been said a few months ago that he need an AI for looking after his baby daughter. Anyway, he found the first step to his aim.

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