Vine App Updated with ‘Watch’ Button; No Need to Scroll

Vine is pushing an update to their Android and iOS App. The Update Includes a new ‘Watch’ button, That saves you from scroll content of your favourite channel. The Button allows you to watch all the content of the channel with just one tap. With Vine App you can Press and hold a Vine to make a Loop.

The ‘Watch’ button is available for individual channels and different categories in Explore Section. It is similar to the Snapchat’s Auto Playing stories. After Taping the Button, All of the Videos of the Channels will be Played once.

What’s New in Vine App

This update brings you a whole new way to watch Vine.
Our new design introduces a “Watch” button that lets you kick back and view the entire story of any channel. While you’re watching, you can tap and hold on a Vine to make it loop.

Get Vine Android App from Google Play.


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