Google updates Calendar with “Goals”

Google has updated their Calendar App for Android and iOS users today with an extra feature included. The extra feature which has introduces along with the today’s update for Calendar App is ‘Goals’. You are anxious about to know, What is “Goals” ?. Google introduces Goals for helping the Activity-Based users. The Goals will help you to achieve the Goals in any task you are doing.

The Goals on Calendar app includes various exercises and tasks including Yoga.You can set the time and schedule for each tasks and it will remind you to do the mentioned tasks at its better time. After completing a task, you can mark them as done or move to the next day for doing the same tasks in next day.


Google implemented the machine learning trick on Goals to study the suitable time for doing each task by the user and it will remind at the appropriate time. The updates are expected to arrive for whole users today, but it will take a while to appear.

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