Upcoming Google devices get massively leaked: Google Home Mini, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixelbook and more

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We are only a couple of weeks away from the official debut of the newly anticiated Google prodcuts including Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. Have we ever thought of more? Probably not. But the latest leak coming out of the Google strongly suggests that the Google has lots of devices under the sleeves expecting to be launched on October 4th. At least there has to be an announcement.

This woud be one of the greatest leak in Google’s history, listing out a bunch of devices from the Internet giant. Ceck out the latest leaks.

Pixel 2

This is the smartphone we all have been looking forward to, and now the device’s official images have been leaked it seems. The images seem to be legit, as it resembles the previous leaks. The HTC-made Pixel 2 smartphone leks looks similar ot the leaks which we have seen earlier, with the larger camera module and in three color options apparently. The glass portion on the rear is just shortened to the top quarter portion, compared to the older half portion glass back area. The circular fingerprint scanner is added in the same old position, rear-mid area. There also a couple of sensors added just below the camera LED flash unit. The camera module has chromium ring around the lens, protruding to out just a little. According to our source, the smartphone comes in three color options, namely- Kinda Blue, Just Black, and White, carrying the price tag of $649 and $749 for 64GB and 128GB storage variants respectively.

Pixel 2 XL

Image Source: droid-life.com

Pixel 2 XL flagship device is said to be made by LG, instead of HTC, unlike last year. The leaked image of the smartphone looks almost similar to the ‘original’ Pixel 2, with the camera position changed slightly. The device sports no dual camera setup, instead of Google is expected to make a greater camera with a single lens itself like HTC’s U11 and last year’s first gen. Pixel smartphones, which acquired the first positions of DxOMark. It reportedly says that the smartphone will be available to buy in two color options, one with a black and White body and another with full black body.

Google Pixelbook

Image Source: droid-life.com

An expensive premium looking revamped Google Chromebook Pixel has been spotted on the series of leaks earlier today, with the new name Pixelbook. As the name denotes, the premium notebook will be highly expensive as the Pixel smartphones (Yes, Google is working hard to be the next Apple!). The Pixelbook will be priced over a grand. Meanwhile, you can get a normal Chromebook for half the price, instead of buying this at $1000. But it is a premium metal shelled laptop, powerful enough t compete against Apple’s MacBook Air series and Microsoft’s Surface laptops. to The price tags specified are – $1,199, $1,399, and $1,749 – for 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options apiece.

Alongside the Pixelbook, there is a stylus pen provided, which needs to be bought separately by spending over $99.

Google Home Mini

Image Source: droid-life.comoogle

Google had announced Google Assitant enabled Home Pod, working similar to theAmazon’s Alexa personal assistants. After almost a year, it seems like Google is getting ready to unmask another version of the Google Home, named Google Home Mini this year along with the Pixel smartphones. The Home Mini would be a lower priced AI assistant, to compete with Amazon Echo Dot, to carry a price tag around just $50.

DayDream View

Image Source: droid-life.com

Internet giant’s VR headphone Daydream View will be relaunched this year, with new features and an increased price tag of $100. Google will integrate an extra NFC sensor set, along with the magnetic, gyro and other sensors. The device will be made of new type of fabric, having increased durability.


Source Droid-Life

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